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Lauren Cactus

Lauren Cactus - red on mountainswebsite.jpg

with sun below the horizon.

Barbara Cactus Sunset

Sunset - Barbara Cactuswebsite.jpg

Sunset Saguaro


Saguaro - Mountains

Barbara Cactus 6-30 edited-3website.jpg

Lightning Cactus

410 Lightning Saguarowebsite.jpg

This lightning struck cactus was about the same as the one in the background - estimated age of 125 or more years old.

Crested Saguaro

6-22 Crested saguaro - sunset crop2_edited-3website.jpg

This is a rare crested saguaro near our home.

Saguaros, mountains & monsoon sky

7-5 Cactus - monsoon skyxemail.jpg

Another image liked by many because of the lighting contrasts.

Sunrise Saguaros


On golf course by our home - with Santa Rita Mountains behind.

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