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3-1 Egret cxxwebsite.jpg

Visiting the pond in our small community.


Jackrabbit PS 2-26-08web.jpg

Ehhhh, what's up, doc?!

Food Chain!

Coyote hawk  baby quail food chain PS 2-26-08c_edited-1A.jpg

Hawk is having breakfast (baby quail, I think) and coyote is coming by. Note that the hawk is watching the coyote VERY carefully!

Mexican Jay


Female Cardinal

Cardinal 1xxwebsite.jpg

Very hard to capture on image; constant quick motion. I got lucky.


Hawk on chairxweb.jpg

Flew into a window and is recovering on our front chair back.

Just One of the many lizards .........

5-6 Lizzie cweb.jpg

.. this one a little larger (about 8 inches long)

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