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Madera Canyon

3-14 Carrie Nation Hike 6xwebsite.jpg

Carrie Nation Mine.

Agua Caliente Trail

Barbara - Agua Caliente Trailwebsite.jpg

South of us.

California Gulch

CA Gulch - Old Glory 6website.jpg

South of us - near Old Glory Cemetery.

Agua Calente Trail

Agua Caiente Bike Trail 1website.jpg

Agua Calente Trail

Agua Caliente Trail 6website.jpg

Illegal Immigrant Trail

UDA Trail off FR4077website.jpg

While wandering off TR 4077 we came upon a well used illegal immigrant trail. Kinda desolate and a little scary.

Illegal Immigrant Trail

UDA Shelter on UDA Trailwebsite.jpg

This is a stone shelter on the trail - all kinds of trash in it.

Hillquist Mountain

Hillquist Mtn 10-6-04 routewebsite.jpg

It is an unnamed peak so we named it - at least in our minds! On this hike we made about every mistake a hiker could make - went off trail and could not find it to come down. We bushwhacked down about 1 1/2 miles and what is estimated to have been close to 40% drop average. Had some very steep - including vertical drops. Unreal! Very stupid we were that day. The line shows our path per the GPS.

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